Babysitting with Benefits: About

Show Synopsis

Babysitting with Benefits is a show about a young man who still lives at home with no plans to move out. He sits around all day chasing boyhood dreams. If he wants to act like a child his parents decide to treat him like one: David is getting a babysitter.

The only problem is his new babysitter Katie is crazy as she is sweet. She lives by a strict babysitter code that makes her treat a twenty-five year old as if he’s twelve. Things begin to get real strange when they both realize their sexual attraction to each other; but continue on with their babysitting relationship. The sexual frustration begins to manifest in even stranger behaviour by both of them.

David’s self proclaimed best friend is Benny, a rocket scientist who still lives at home. He uses his supreme intelligence to invent devices that seem to come right out of a science fiction film.

Things become truly complicated when Brad enters the picture. He was David’s biggest bully in high school. Their relationship hasn’t changed much except now he’s dating his babysitter Katie. And you thought it was weird before.

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